• FRP Chop Spray Lamination
  • 2-component volumetric metering unit For processing of adhesives and sealing compounds
  • Electronic mixing and metering system for 2 component electrostatic coatings: FlexControl Smart / Boeing
  • Kirkco Precision Gear Metering Applicator Head (GMA) dispense head combines gear metering technology with compact size
  • Ecostar EVO for  INSULATING GLASS / secondary sealing STRUCTURAL GLAZING / bonding bracket to glass DIRECT GLAZING / bonding to frame
  • Adhesive. Sealant and Lubrication Applications for Automotive and Tier One Suppliers.
  • Fluid Handling Equipment for Solar Energy Applications
  • Bead Gasketing, Bonding with Adhesive and Sealants metering and dispensing valves and systems
  • Manual and automatic powder coating systems for commercial and industrial users
  • Adhesive Bonding and Sealing of appliances
  • Metering and Mixing Systems for the Production of Rotor Blades for Wind Energy Turbines


Kirkco Corporation's main areas of expertise are in custom dispensing and metering solutions for applications involving adhesives, sealants, or lubricants and the associated support equipment for manual or automatic application of those products. If your application requires the processing of hot or cold, single or plural component epoxies, polyurethanes, polyesters, silicones or other types of hot or cold adhesives, Kirkco Corporation would be glad to assist you.
Kirkco has a large range of products available for hot or cold, single or plural precision metering technology, covering a broad spectrum of everyday applications from potting, pumping, laminating, packaging, coating, to specialized applications that include individual development and testing of customized system solutions.

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