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Wagner Manual Spray Guns

Wagner AirCoat Air-Assisted Spray Gun

Wagner AirCoat Air-Assisted Spray Gun Applicators

Designing a gun with optimal ergonomics for a wide range of different users was the goal behind the development of this unique gun series with two different gun sizes. The result: AirCoat guns GM 4100AC and GM 4600AC.

Both AirCoat guns were designed for operating comfort and ergonomics. The gun is lighter and requires less trigger and holding force, making it even easier to handle and reducing fatigue during operation.

The new Wagner air guidance system generates improved atomization results in every application. The reduced atomization pressure creates an extremely soft spraying pattern.

Typical Coatings Applied

  • Solvent and water-based paints
  • Two Component Materials
  • High solids
  • UV paints
  • Stains
  • Textured paints
  • Clear coats

Typical Applications

  • Wood industry
  • Furniture industry
  • Corrosion protection
  • Steel industry
  • Agricultural machinery industry
  • Commercial vehicle industry

Wagner AquaCoat ElectrostaticSpray Gun

Wagner AquaCoat Electrostatic Spray Gun Applicators

With the new AquaCoat system, WAGNER has developed a system, which with its sophisticated technology and extensive combination of safety precautions offers optimal protection for the user. AquaCoat offers a high level of safety.

The central control unit regulates and controls all functions of the AquaCoat system. During application, access to the interior of the device is blocked mechanically. The most important safety systems are present in duplicate, thus eliminating a source of danger to the user.

Typical Coatings Applied

  • One Component Water-Based Primer
  • One Component Water-Based Paints
  • One Component Water-Based Glues
  • One Component Water-Based Release Agents
  • One Component High Solid Primer
  • One Component High Solid Paints

Typical Applications

  • Woodworking Industry
  • Furniture Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Release Agent Coating

Wagner Air-Less Spray Gun

Wagner Air-Less Spray Gun Applicators

WAGNER manual guns are designed to be ergonomic, to allow the user to work without fatigue. The low holding force for the trigger and an ergonomically designed pistol grip satisfy this ergonomic requirement.

Making the material wetted parts in stainless steel allows water-based paints and other critical materials to be applied.

Typical Applications

  • Marine and shipbuilding
  • Railcar manufacturing
  • Offshore industry
  • Structural steel and corrosion protection
  • Drum painting
  • Metal furniture and fixture manufacturing
  • Fabricated metal manufacturing
  • Leather finishing
  • Wood finishing

Typical Coatings Applied

  • High solids epoxy primers and coatings
  • High solids polyurethane coatings
  • Architectural latex emulsion paints
  • Coal tar epoxy primers
  • Tank and pipe coatings and linings
  • Primers, protective coatings, waterborne materials and two-part urethane
  • Washcoats, glazes, top coat lacquers and catalyzed varnishes
  • Epoxies, urethanes, air dry enamels and clear coat enamels

Wagner Electrostatic Air-Assisted/Atomized Spray Gun

Wagner Electrostatic Air-Assisted/Atomized Spray Gun Applicators

WAGNER electrostatic manual guns have been specially developed for day-to-day painting. Their well-balanced ergonomics, low trigger and holding effort and their low weight offer user-friendly handling and provide optimum working comfort. All electrostatic guns for manual application of solvent based paints are explosion protected in accordance with the ATEX guideline.

Our wide product range enables you to select the perfect gun for your coating requirements. All guns offer perfect surface finishing, simple operation, easy nozzle changes and cleaning as well as a good ergonomic design for fatigue- free operation.

Typical Coatings Applied

  • One Component solvent-based paints
  • Two Component solvent-based paints
  • One Component solvent-based primer
  • Two Component solvent-based primer
  • One Component solvent-based release agents
  • Two Component solvent-based release agents

Typical Applications

  • Machine industry
  • Motor vehicle industry
  • Metal industry
  • Furniture industry
  • Bicycle manufacturers
  • Galvanizing plants