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Precision Flo-XL/LT Fluid Metering System

High Performance Fluid Metering

Graco's PrecisionFlo™ XL and LT systems are electronically controlled fluid metering systems that provide precise and reliable, closed-loop metering and dispensing of ambient and heated sealants and adhesives for automotive and industrial applications.

Typical applications include gasketing, seam sealing, hem flange, sound deadening and body panel reinforcement. Industries benefiting from this technology include automotive (metal stamping, body shop, paint shop and trim shop), transportation, marine, appliance, window and door manufacturers and metal fabricators.

PrecisionFlo™Saves Money

  • Minimizes material usage (squeeze-out and over spray) and manual touch-up (rework)
  • Improved efficiency decreases manufacturing costs, reduces labor requirements, improves product quality and accelerates cycle times
  • Long-life fluid components mean lower maintenance costs, fewer rebuilds and repairs

PrecisionFlo™Easy To Use

  • Self-tuning of variables simplifies set-up and reduces start-up and training time
  • Simplified user interfaces-standard "Easy Key" and advanced color touch screen
  • System diagnostics and troubleshooting

PrecisionFlo™ Means Superior Performance

  • Closed-loop "real time" control on pressure and flow insures improved part quality and reduced material consumption
  • Continuous flow metering for flexible manufacturing processes that require high cycle rates
  • Fast and accurate for repeatable, precision bead dispense and control
  • Fully integrated accessory controls-the PrecisionFlo™ XL controller controls the PrecisionSwirl™ and temperature conditioning systems

PrecisionFlo™ Features and Benefits

  • Supports a variety of application methods: spray, stream, swirl
  • Labor and material savings reduce manufacturing costs
  • Less maintenance and downtime for longer life and improved productivity
  • Easy-to-use operation and set-up
  • Improved part quality