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Wagner Multi-Component Paint Systems

More Details on Multi-Component Systems

  • TwinControl Plural-Component Spraying
  • FlexControl Series: This is a discontinuous electronic mixing and dosing system where the various components are proportioned by means of gear flow meters or Coriolis flow meters and are fed to the base paint via timing valves. These systems are used in manual and automatic applications and are very easy to operate. Depending on the particular model, these systems offer almost unlimited possibilities in their functionality and integration with peripheral devices.
  • IntelliMix 4: Intellimix 4 is a further electrical mixing and dosing system. Unlike the Flex-Control systems, Intellimix 4 is a continuous system where the components are metered and conveyed through the system using gear pumps. Intellimix 4 is ideal for automatic applications with air atomization or rotary atomization application methods under low pressure. It is suitable for individual customer solutions and complex system solutions with a central controller.

Mixing and Dosing Systems

There are two types of multi-component protective coating and paint spray finishing systems. The simplest variant is the mechanical proportioning and mixing system. The second type is the electronic proportioning mixing system. The electronic mixing systems, in turn, can be further subdivided into continuous and discontinuous systems.

Whether mechanical or electronic, low or high pressure, automatic or manual coating, 2 or 3-component materials can be applied to suit the customer with Wagner's wide range of equipment options. Kirkco can provide the perfect metering technology and application solution for your protective coating or paint spray finishing application.

The mechanical proportioning is a dispensing system that will accurately pump and proportion two-component materials by powering two positive displacement pumps from a common or tandem air motor. The mechanical systems works on the basis of the known flow rate of each pump. The mixing ratio can be adjustable using a lever system, or fixed using a common beam. This assures that the stroke rate and stroke length of all pumps are identical, providing constant proportioning.