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DOPAG MICRO-MIX® piston type shot metering and mixing system:

MICRO-MIX® is ideal for processing low, medium, and high viscosity, filled or abrasive materials. The range of applications for this system consists mainly of the “shot-type” dispensing of minute quantities of evenly mixed material. All polymers, e.g. polyurethanes, silicones and epoxy resins, can be processed using this system.

The three main units that make up this group of positive displacement shot metering and mixing systems are the Micro Mix E, Micro Mix S and the Micro Mix K.


MICRO-MIX E® has two piston type metering pumps driven by a pneumatic air cylinder and lever system assembly.   We set the mixing ratio by changing the lever system and the shot size is a mechanical stop. The mixing ratio is adjustable within the given range of the selected metering pump combination. Variable ratios of 1:1 to 10:1 are the most common.  Mix ratios outside of this range are possible in some situations.


MICRO-MIX S® is equipped with two piston type metering pumps driven via a stepper motor. The material is applied either in shot form for precise and accurate dots or continuously for precise beads. This unit is also equipped with a variable adjustable mixing ratio. The main benefit of the MICRO-MIX S metering and mixing system is the integral MR-20 metering computer.

The MR-20 metering computer is used in automated production applications and has multiple programmable shot capabilities and many additional features and options including:

  • Material pressure monitoring
  • Material level monitoring
  • Pot Life alarms
  • Production monitoring