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Metering Valves | Needle | Chamber | Cartridge

Needle Metering Valve

Kirkco uses Needle Metering Valves for processing low to high viscosity medias. 
Example : Positive Displacement Needle Metering Valve

The valve consists of two separate parts, a fluid section and a pneumatic section. This separation reduces the chance for leaking material to flow into the actuating air cylinder that might cause a malfunction of the valve. The needle is sealed by means of adjustable packing set. Speed of metering depends on the material viscosity and the material pressure.

Features and Benefits

  • Wetted parts made of stainless steel
  • Metering volume infinitely adjustable within the appropriate shot range
  • Valve seat and valve needle made of hardened alloy for processing abrasive media
  • High-precision, reproducible dosage of very small volumes
  • Handle for electric or pneumatic control

Chamber Metering Valve

Kirkco uses Chamber metering valves for processing low to high viscosity media.
Example: Positive Displacement Chamber Metering Valve.

The valve consists of two separate parts. A control valve section and a metering chamber section. This separation means that it is possible to change or repair the metering range of the valve without having to remove the unit from the production line. The control valve functions as both the supply inlet and dispensing outlet. The metering chamber is used to set the metering volume. The metering volume is fully adjustable within the chamber’s given range. Standard sizes in different optional types allow a shot size from 0,050 up to 100,00 cm3

Cartridge Chamber Metering Valve

The Cartridge Chamber Metering Valve is a new generation of precision metering valves based on a completely new principle.
Example : Postive Displacement Cartridge Metering Valve. The metering chamber is an exchangeable cartridge contained within an aluminum valve body.

 The volumetric output is infinitely adjustable within its limits. The speed of metering depends on the viscosity of the material and the material pressure. Adjusting the metering volume can be achieved easily by simply changing the metering cartridge.


Features and Benefits

  • Valve Body Made Of Aluminum
  • Capable Of Withstanding High Pressure
  • Snuff Back Suction
  • Electric Or Pneumatic Activation Control


  • Fine Tuning Of Shot Size
  • Double Sensor Receptacles For Monitoring The Stroke Needle Position
  • Handle With Pneumatic Or Electric Control