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Material Tanks & Circulation Systems

Special Equipment Type MDG

Allowable Operating Overpressure:
12 bar max.
Operating Temperature: 50┬░Celcius

Special equipment versions represent made-to-measure problem solutions based on specific requirements and include tanks with heating or cooling jacket, vacuum tanks and high-pressure tanks. Special equipment versions are available in keeping with almost all European production standards.

Standard Program Type MDG

Material pressure tank standard versions include a tank with detachable cover, an agitator, an air inlet fitting assembly with acceptance-tested safety valve, pressure gauge and air inlet valve; material inlet, suction tube and G 3/8" ball valve.

All material pressure tanks of the 45 to 250 type versions operating at an allowable overpressure of 6 bar max., feature an additional material outlet at the bottom. Our product range covers single- and double-walled tanks with capacities between 1 and 6000 liters.

All material pressure tanks with capacities of 4 liters and more are available in galvanized steel or stainless specialty steel versions. All material types and grades (i.e., 1.4301 pickled, 1.4541, 1.4571, etc. - also electro-polished) are available. Tanks lined with enamel, "Vetrodur" or other plastic materials can be supplied as optional items upon request.

Small Tanks 

From 1 to 4 liters made of stainless specialty steel. MDG 4 available with air-powered agitator.

Large Tanks

Material pressure tanks with capacities between 12 and 500 liters. Agitator options: hand-operated, air-powered, electro-powered. Material Pressure Tanks MDG22 and MDG 45 are suitable for use with EG paint containers.

Material Circulation Systems

Contact us when organizing your paint mix room. We supply and install all required equipment and components: tanks, agitators, circuit pipelines, etc.

MDG 300 (Heating Jacket Version) with an electro-powered agitator and filling level indicator. Tank: bright inside, lacquered outside. Immersion-type heaters available

Detailed view: Tank with agitator, valves and fittings.

Paint mix room of an automobile accessories production plant.

Accessory Items

The WALTHER range of accessory parts and components covers valves and fittings, pressure and temperature indicators, filling level control sensors, attemperation equipment, mounting assemblies, agitators, etc.

Filling Level Indicators:
  • Capacitive Filling
  • Level Indicator
  • Various sizes available
Oscillation Sensor:
  • Various sizes available