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DU55 Convert A Drum

ITW Dynatec Dynadrum DU55 Hot Melt Drum Unloader

  • DYNACONTROL™ digital, multilingual microprocessor temperature control
  • 18,000 watt or 21,000 watt teflon® coated platen
  • Positive displacement gear pump
  • Drum empty pump shut-off
  • Fully enclosed pneumatic controls
  • 1 HP AC brushless variable pump drive
  • 6.5" dual post pneumatic ram
  • 1 or 2 hose configuration
  • Options include drip tray, low level warning light, three point level control and fill ball valve

ITW Dynatec Hot-Melt Drum Unloader "Convert a Drum"

  • 5 stage melt-on-demand system
  • Allen Bradley SLC-504 control package
  • Up to 6 gear-pumps with 1hp AC brushless motors
  • Pump pressure relief system
  • No drum change downtime
  • 800 lb Teflon hard anodized hopper
  • Dual basket type filtration
  • Standard 30cc per revolution gear pump
  • Up to 425 lb/hr delivery of hot melt PSA