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Dynamelt Series PUR Adhesive Supply Units

The DYNAMELT PUR Adhesive Supply Units are available in automatic purge system (APS) models. These models are used with (PUR), reactive hot melt polyurethane adhesives.

Polyurethane adhesives produce an extremely strong bond. They may be used for structural purposes or for laminates, carpet bonding, etc. They contain no solvents making them environmentally desirable.

When processing PUR adhesives, all moisture must be removed from the adhesive supply unit’s hopper. The Dynamelt S APS Models automatically supply super dry air and reduce the dew point in its hopper to -45°C after the adhesive is introduced which then removes moisture using purge cycles. This reduces the relative humidity to 0.6%.

The APS adhesive supply units are outfitted with special pneumatic controls, including a desiccant filter, vacuum generator and a membrane air dryer. The adhesive supply unit’s sealed lid and heavy-duty clamping lid handle assure a moisture-tight closure.

The APS models utilize a lower factory setting for the over-temperature thermostat and special DynaControl controller software (V.5APS). A level control and a 4.5cc single gear pump are part of the standard APS package.

Options Include:

  • Analog Pressure Gauge
  • Memory Card Reader
  • Seven-Day Scheduler
  • Signal Isolator For Line-Speed Tracking
  • System Status Lights
  • Bulk System Integration for Automatic Adhesive Filling and Continuous Production
  • Choice of Single and Dual Output Gear Pumps.

The APS adhesive supply unit can accommodate air-actuated automatic applicators, hand-held applicators and special applicators.

CAUTION: Because of the nature of PUR adhesives to strongly bond in the presence of moisture, care must be taken to prevent them from curing in the adhesive supply unit’s hopper. If the PUR adhesive solidifies in the hopper, the hopper must be replaced. For this reason, while you are refilling the hopper, keep the hopper lid securely closed. Automatic tank filling is a beneficial option in high capacity applications.

Always purge old PUR adhesive from the adhesive supply unit system per your adhesive manufacturer’s instructions and timetable.