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In-Field Installation

Start-Up and Installation Supervision

Start-up supervision by our factory trained Service Engineer is a service offered to all customers on a charged basis. An installation date is established and our service representative is available for installation assistance.

Kirkco will charge a standard per day fee, plus expenses, for initial installations of new equipment purchased from Kirkco Corporation. Charges authorized become payable upon completion. We estimate the required time for this assistance based on the system that we are installing.

Customers are encouraged to be prepared for the installation when our Service Engineer arrives. Pre-installation information is in the equipment manual for machine and accessory mounting, electrical and pneumatic connection, etc. Should you have specific pre-installation questions please contact our office. 704-289-7090.

We will schedule all installations by specific appointment.

NOTE: If customer is not ready at the scheduled time Kirkco’s service personnel are available, then it is a chargeable weekday. We will invoice any subsequent installations at standard charges. A copy of our standard service rate is available for your review.

Multiple Installation Orders: We expect customers who require installation of several machines for identical or similar installations to duplicate installations that Kirkco has previously supervised. However, installation assistance is always available if needed.