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Meter Mixing FlexControl Plus

FlexControl Plus represents the advanced solution for high precision paint mixing and color change requirements. The unit offers virtually unlimited possibilities in the use, application and integration of peripheral equipment (Robot, conveyors, automatic lines). Gear flow meter technology as well as mass flow meter (Coriolis) ensure high process reliability. With 100 storable recipes and 11 individually programmable flushing programs, the FlexControl Plus provides the highest flexibility for your paint finishing or coating need.

Customized performance

While retaining its ease of operation, FlexControl plus offers virtually unlimited possibilities in the use, application and integration of peripheral equipment.

The type of application and the number of paints, hardeners and solvents being used are important parameters in the design and configuration of a paint mixing and metering system.

To keep investment costs as low as possible, the FlexControl Plus mixing and metering systems are modular in construction so that additional options can be retrofitted later as demand dictates. Each system is custom configured to meet the existing application need and allows for future growth. Thanks to its modular configuration, this system can be individually expanded and extended when necessary.

Below is an initial guide to system options and configuration direction right for you. Kirkco will use this information to provide a system configuration that is best suited to your application. Take advantage of the expertise offered by our specialists and ask for a consultation.

As a company we specialize in offering a full range of equipment and components for industrial surface finish technology. We select the basic system platform and accessory components based on your specific application, not what is in the box or on the shelf. We customize the system performance by understanding how each part of the process effects and controls your surface coating finish.

Feeding, Mixing, Controlling, Applying

High pressure or low-pressure pumps are selected and sized based on the required need. We select the correct pump to meet the application to maintain a superior finish.

Mixing and metering equipment will be selected with your current application parameters in mind and the understanding that it can be expanded as necessary in the future.

Controller systems designed to meet customer-specific requirements. All options are available, but we don't recommend them unless they are necessary for reaching your project specific requirements.

From guns of every type right up to high-speed rotary atomizers, we will offer the correct selection based on your project. Application equipment is just as important in the project as the proper mix ratio.

FlexControl Plus XL:

The FlexControl Plus XL Is extremely powerful and designed for high volume flow rates and the use of multiple guns in manual or automatic applications - with a working pressure of up to 5800 psi (400 bar), this unit covers a very wide spectrum of uses in terms of the materials applied. The control and fluid cabinets are separate, allowing short routes to the point of application and keeps the loss of material to a minimum when flushing


  • PLC controller
  • Recipe memory for up to 100 recipes
  • High precision, fast cycling, hardener valve
  • Individually programmable flushing programs
  • Ratio monitoring of the mixing process
  • Documentation and recording of operating data


  • Touch screen control with user guidance and visualization of the operating data
  • Rapid, simple color changes
  • Stainless steel color change valves
  • Separate control and fluid cabinets


  • 2 independent fluid and mixing circuits (solvent-based and water-based paints)
  • Separate pot life monitoring for up to four spray guns
  • Robot communication
  • Mass flow measurement
  • Gun flush box (PSV)
  • VOC recording
  • And other options


  • Solvent-based 2K and 3K paints and adhesives
  • Water-based 2K and 3K paints and adhesives


  • SupraCoat
  • Air atomization
  • AirCoat
  • Airless
  • Electrostatics
  • Evobell
  • FlexControl plus XL technical data


  • Allowable material pressure: 1 - 400 bar
  • Mixing ratio: 0.1:1 - 50:1
  • Mixing accuracy: +/- 1%
  • Max. Volumetric flow rate: 100 - 25000 cm3/min
  • Max. Number of A-products: 25
  • Max. Number of B-products: 10
  • Max. Number of C-products: 5
  • Max. Number of flushing fluids: 5 A, 5 B, 5 C
  • Viscosity: Up to 25000 Mpa
  • Input voltage: 115 - 230 V