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Filters & Membranes


Filters, more precisely fluid filters, are used to seperate solid particles from a gas or liquid flow. The core of this statement already gives a first idea of how widespread the different applications for filters are.

Motor vehicles need oil, fuel and air filters. Activated carbon filters and respirators are widely used in different industries and crafts to clean the air or protect people from hazardous substances.

Filters are used in medical technology - for example as Dialyzers; they are needed for the filtration of drinking water; they have their place in clean room areas as well as in pharmaceutical and food production, to keep aquariums clean and also in ventilation and air conditioning systems in residential areas.

This is just a small glimpse of the diversity in which filters do their job in almost all areas of life. Materials from which filters are made are equally varied depending on the end-use: papers, synthetic fibers, metals, non-woven materials, fiberglass - here to name a few.


Nonwovens filters can be found in air conditioning and clean room systems. The blood filter is made of a bundle 10.000-12.000 fine synthetic hollow fibers, which are embedded in a plastic housing and sealed with a polyurethane potting compound. In most cases of filter manufacturing different components are bonded or sealed or liquid compounds are metered in potting or casting applications. Frame material and filter media are bonded together, a seal tightness must be ensured. In the selection of the adhesive or the potting compound - in addition to the bonding performance as well as media and temperature resistance - the specification and choice of the right metering and mixing technology need to be considered carefully.

Only the application system which perfectly matches the material properties and the process requirements will provide a reliable and efficient manufacturing process.

Kirkco is a preferred supplier of adhesive and sealant processing equipment to many industries. Specifically for the filter manufacturing industry we offer specific systems for bonding, sealing and potting applications.

From simple manual applications to complete solutions with fully automated robot cells with integrated process control – complemented by outstanding service and spare parts availability.

Kirkco is also able to partner with many of the major adhesive manufacturers, helping to optimize processes and find new solutions for the market – for the benefit of our customers. Learn more about manufacturing applications and get convinced about our products and system solutions.

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