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Plural Component Proportioning Fenistration


This metering platform was developed to pump, proportion, mix, and dispense various two component sealants and adhesives. Typical materials this product is used for include: polysulfide, epoxy, silicone, and polyurethane materials for auto, truck/bus, window, and aircraft industries. Unit is suitable for processing methacrylate adhesives with minor up-grade modifications.

Pumps move the fluid components from their respective containers on ratio eliminating an intermediate, variable or fixed ratio, proportioner. The Kirkco GP series proportioner synchronizes the volume of the two components through two precisely sized positive displacement gear pumps. The fluids then move through hoses to a mixer assembly. Selecting from standard pump availability determines the ratio on the machine.  A programmable electronic control allows for an adjustable variable ratio within a given range. With the optional ratio monitoring package, the computer will self-adjust automatically.

Primary Uses:

  • Insulated glass unit edge sealing.
  • Back bedding and/or glazing glass units into window frames.
  • Curtain wall applications for exterior building panels.
  • Automotive / bonding fiber reinforced plastics and other composite materials.
  • Structural Applications / construction of vehicles, sports equipment, boats, aviation, and more.

Sealants commonly used have a mix ratio range from 1:1 to 12.5 by volume and may be epoxy, silicone, polysulfide, urethane and methacrylate.