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Kirkco & FAQ's

Adhesive Recommendations

Can you recommend adhesives?

Kirkco works with a verity of adhesive manufactures and suppliers. Kirkco only recommends the use of particular material for particular applications, and discussions are based on specific experiences and applications.

Demo Rent and Leasing

Do you offer demonstration equipment?

Demonstrations of standard in stock equipment available on request for minimal lab fee and clean-up charge. Lab Fee applied to purchase price of equipment if order placed with Kirkco in 90 days. We do not offer demonstrations on custom configured products or specialty built systems. These units are provided on a guarantee performance basis and are verified and accepted by customer on completion prior to shipment.

Do you offer equipment rental?

Equipment rental available when standard equipment is in inventory. Machines will not be built or assembled for rental purposes.

Do you offer equipment for lease?

Equipment lease options available for some systems. We do not offer rental or lease options of component parts or accessory items.

Food Grade

Do you offer food grade pumping equipment?

Kirkco does not offer equipment for food processing. We do offer equipment used in the manufacturing of food packaging products. We service the flexible film lamination industry with several adhesive and lamination equipment choices as well as the case sealing and case packaging industry with hot or cold glue dispensing systems.


How do I place an order?

Please contact our customer service department and speak to one of our service representatives. For fastest service, please provide complete company contact information along with machine manufacture, type and serial number.

You may contact Kirkco via phone, e-mail, fax, or US postal service. We accept most major credit cards and offer standard terms to established companies on approved credit. For orders with a final destination outside the continental United States


Do you offer resale discounts?

Kirkco will provide a resale discount to OEM and MRO suppliers on the base price of the order. Discounts are not applied towards shipping, insurance, taxes, component parts or service work. Customer must be registered as affiliated partner supplier.


I need parts for the DOPAG 400-05-60. Can you help?

Thank you for contacting Kirkco. We have parts for valve on the shelf.