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Dispensing Valves

Precision Single Component Media Dispensing

DOPAG metering and dispensing valves are used in all parts of industry for processing low viscosity to pasty media. For these applications, a high-precision, reproducible dose is required.

These valves are available in a number of different ranges and sizes. This allows the user to select the most suitable valve for each individual application. The large number of options and the elective materials of construction maximize the valve's possible uses.

Metering and dispensing valves are in use in DOPAG metering and dispensing systems for multi component media. They are also used extensively in single component systems with media such as greases, oils and adhesives.

Dispensing valves are used for processing low to high viscosity media. Adjusting the position of the needle in relation to its seat can control the size of the outlet orifice, thus controlling the flow rate of the material. When fully closed, the needle seals against its seat and is sealed at the throat by an adjustable packing set. The valve is constructed in two separate parts. This separation of the fluid section from the actuating air section means that it is not possible for any leaking material to flow into the actuating air cylinder and cause the valve to malfunction.  Material passageways can be quickly flushed out if necessary.

Product data

  • Small Material Passageways
  • Extremely High Opening And Closing Forces
  • Fitted With Special Adjustable Packings
  • Double Acting Pneumatic Actuation
  • Capable Of Withstanding High Pressures
  • Electric Or Pneumatic Controlled Material Input


  • Wetted Parts Made Of Stainless Steel
  • Valve Seat And Needle Valve Made Of Hardened Alloy For Processing Abrasive Media
  • Handle For Electric Or Pneumatic Control