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DDS Hot Melt Adhesive Supply Unit

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The DDS Series adhesive supply units (ASU) are computer-controlled hot-melt supply units designed on metric standards. Their “all-icon” control panels, with choice of display languages, are internationally operator friendly.

Available in two hopper sizes and with a choice of dual or single gear pumps, the DDS ASU uses a microprocessor temperature control to closely control the temperature of hot-melt adhesive for up to six hoses and six heads. The operator selects temperature set points for up to 15 zones, the system provides warnings and alarms for operator errors and system malfunctions.

Melting Chickletts

Its DynaControl controller provides accurate, proportionate temperature control for the hopper, hoses and applicators. Sequential heating delays provide a program for turn-on of the hoses and heads. A “standby” temperature maintains the temperature zones at a lower temperature when the ASU is not in active use, enabling rapid return to normal operation. A seven-day scheduler allows advance programming of daily On/ Off times throughout the workweek.

With these flexible temperature program features, the DDS system increases adhesive life by eliminating prolonged high adhesive temperatures. It reduces energy consumption and brings the system up to normal operating temperatures in the shortest possible time.


A four-layered, shielded CPU board protects the microprocessor from external interference. The temperature control can interlock the parent machine with pre selected adhesive temperatures so that production automatically begins when adhesive temperatures are correct for the application. All system temperature values can easily and quickly be programmed.

The system provides digital readout of system conditions and optional external audible signals or lights to alert the operator to alarm conditions. A security code can restrict access to system programs and parameters. The CPU monitors the electronic circuitry and provides alarms for error conditions.

A choice of single or dual gear pumps, from 0.584 to 8.5 cc/rev, is available to assure a smooth and highly precise adhesive flow. The pumps may be driven by a single or dual drive.

The DDS’s teflon-coated hopper accepts adhesive in all popular forms, including pellets, slugs and blocks. The ASU can accommodate air-actuated automatic applicators (heads), electric applicators, hand-held applicators and/or special applicators. Options available include pressure gauge or transducer, drop-in grid, level control, Zenith gear pumps, digital RPM readout and casters.



Storage/ shipping temperature
-40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
Ambient service temperature
-7°C to 50°C (20°F to 122°F)
Noise emission
< 70 dbA (at 1 meter)


see dimensional layouts on following pages
Number of heads/ hoses
2, 4, or 6 heads/ hoses
Number of hopper temperature zones
1 or 2 (add 1 for optional drop-in grid)
Number of pumps
1 or 2, single or dual
Gear pumps (standard)
1.5cc/ rev, 3.2cc/ rev or 4.5cc/ rev
rectangular steel, dust and splatter resistant
Hose connections
universal 15-pin Amphenol connectors at asu,wrench-secured fluid fittings (#6 JIC)
Hopper (tank) capacity
DDS 22 = 22 kg/ 48 lb
DDS 45 = 45 kg/ 100 lb
Hopper construction
welded aluminum, cast-in heaters, TFE Teflon coated
hopper bottom screen and large pleated pump outlet filters
Weight, empty
DDS S22 =123 kg/ 271 lb
Fluid outputs
1 to 4 metered, 6 un-metered
Optional drop-in grids
DDS 22 = 1 available
DDS 45 = 1 or 2 available
Adhesive form
accepts most forms


Service Requirements
200-240 VAC/ 50 amp/ 3p/ 50-60 Hz/ Delta nominal 380-400 VAC/ 35 amp/ 3p/ 50-60 Hz/ Wye nominal 380-400 VAC S22 or S45 = 30 amp/ 3p ("Wye", "Y" or 5-wire connection) / 50-60 Hz
Power consumption, system maximum
26,700 watts
Power consumption, hopper
2,500 watts
Hopper heater type
cast-in tubular
Temperature control
microprocessor-based proportional integral derivative (PID)
Temperature sensors
100 Ohm Platinum RTD
Electrical connectors
durable, latching connectors
1 or 2, 1/4 hp, alternating current motor, direct drive, horizontal orientation
Maximum current available for each hose or head
1200 watts
Maximum current available for each auxiliary
2400 watts
External electrical connectors
4 hose/ 4 head/ 4 aux
Performance: Operating temperature range
38°C to 232°C (100°F to 450°F)
Adhesive temperature control accuracy
+/- 1°C (+/- 1°F)
Standby adhesive temperature range
up to 80°C (150°F) lower than set point
Hopper ready adhesive temperature deviation
(factory set/ field adjustable): 20°C (36°F) from set point
Over-temperature cutoff for hopper
218°C (425°F)
Adhesive viscosity
000 to 50,000 centipoise or 50,000 to 100,000 cps at reduced melt rate
Warm-up time, full hopper
approximately 0.5 hour
Adhesive delivery rate, open line
0.38 kg/min (0.83 lb/min)(4.5cc gear pump)
Typical adhesive melt rate (depends on adhesive used)
DDS 22 = ? kg/hr (? lb/hr)

DynaControl Temperature Control:

Power board
Auxiliary board
4 zones per board, modular construction
Display type
long life, bright fluorescent
Temperature control zones
5-15 triac-output, can be combined with solid state relay output (optional)

Power Output

2200 watt
Hose/ applicator head
1100 watt maximum: 3500 watt per board
Solid state relay input
20 mA/ 12 volt
5x20 mm, hose/ head: T6.3AL time delay


Display languages
English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese and Dutch
Operator interface
digital display with simplified, all-icon keypad
Temperature standby
High and low temp alarms
Ready interlock
Password protection
Sequential heating
yes (hopper, hose, head staged heating)
Sensor open alarm
RS232 and RS485 communication capable
Seven-day scheduler
CE approval