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Resin Dispensing For Composites

While originating as primarily an aerospace material, composite materials are used today in a wide variety of industrial, automotive, power generation, military, medical, recreational and consumer products applications. Kirkco provides a wide range of turnkey metering mixing and dispensing systems and equipment used in the composite industry to combine resin components with glasses, carbon and Kevlar fibers to produce extremely light and strong composite materials. Kirkco offers a complete line of high-and low-pressure, single and plural component resin metering equipment for use in the composite products manufacturing industry. With simple, basic, manual units for laboratory use to our high-level computer controlled processing stations. We offer complete turnkey systems capable of interfacing with automation equipment such as robotics, clamps, turntables or carousels.

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Composite materials including resin impregnated with glass, carbon, or Kevlar fibers are recognized as a critical part of modern aviation and aerospace applications including structural components for commercial aircraft, the International Space Station, satellites, rocket motor castings, and construction projects.

New uses for composite materials are developing at a rapid pace. Manufacturing process used during the forming processes for composite materials include filament winding, convolute forming, vacuum infusion, compression molding, wet and hand lay-up methods. These manufacturing process are used for industrial applications that lighten equipment weights, make automobile more fuel-efficient, lightweight tanks made from composite materials are replacing heavy traditional metallic pressure vessels. Improved subcomponents to replace existing metal construction, energy storage batteries, radio antennas, blades for wind generators, and rollers for the converting industry are but a few of the applications in which composite technologies have changed our lives.

Custom Composite Resin Dispensing Solutions

Kirkco has for years been providing a wide range of custom resin metering, mixing, and dispensing systems for epoxy, polyester and vinyl esters used with reinforcing fibers such as glasses, carbon fiber and Kevlar. To manufacture composite materials. By tailoring the design of our system to the specific need of our customers, our products can typically meet any number of specification criteria.

Used in a wide range of applications for the production of structural components in airplanes to common industrial uses in automobiles and reinforcement materials and sports applications.

Aerospace Industry

Aerospace industry was among the first to realize the benefits of composite materials in the past. Airplanes, rockets and missiles all fly higher, faster and farther with the help of composites.

Plural Component Resin Compounds mixed with Glass, Carbon and Kevlar fiber composites have been routinely designed and manufactured for aerospace parts. Aerospace industry mostly uses carbon fiber composites because of their high performance characteristics. Hand-lay-up technique is a common manufacturing method for the fabrication of aerospace parts.

Power Generation Products

Wind energy is a rapidly growing market segment of the composites industry. Wind turbines require the manufacture of large rotor blades, and other components using wet lay-up, and prepreg lay-up and other processes.

Recreation Industry

Resin and fiber Composite material are used in a variety of demanding and competitive recreational and sports applications. Typical products include golf club shafts, fishing rods, wind surfing equipment, bicycle components, skiing equipment and tennis racquets.

Marine Industry

Composite materials are used in a variety of marine applications such as passenger ferries, power boats, buoys, etc. because of their corrosion resistance and light weight, which gets translated into fuel efficiency, higher cruising speed, and portability. Majority of components are made of glass-reinforced plastics with foam or honeycomb as core materials.

Automotive Industry

Used in a wide range of composite applications for the production light weight and extremely strong, corrosion resistant fiber compound materials for everyday passenger car components to body shells for Formula 1 racing cars to hulls for racing sail and power boats, and other high performance marine craft.

Equipment Used In The Composite Industry

Rotor blades for wind power stations, hulls for sailing boats, and wings for light aircraft and even body shells for Formula 1 racing cars all have one thing in common. They all make extensive use of low weight, corrosion resistant fiber compound materials.

Kirkco has a varied and extensive range of machines to accurately meter, mix and dispense the resin systems used in this expanding industry.

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There are a number of models in the versatile ELDO-MIX range of precision gear pump driven machines, differing in volumetric output and the degree of control and monitoring required for a particular application. In all cases, the gear pumps are driven by frequency regulated geared motors that operate completely separately from each other. The speed of the motors is pre-set and the mix ratio can simply and easily be selected as required.


VISCO-MIX machines are designed to draw materials directly from original drums of either 80 liters or 200 liters capacity. Two reciprocating double acting piston pumps are used to pump and meter the resin components, which make the machines ideal for use with the abrasive resins systems frequently encountered in the composites industry.

Proportioning is achieved by the use of a simple, infinitely variable mechanical lever mechanism, which can easily be adjusted between its upper and lower limits to the desired mix ratio.