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Coating Systems for 2-Part Water Based Adhesives

PILOT-Ratio Master

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When spraying two-component water based adhesives, the mix ratio of adhesive to activator is crucial to the performance of the adhesive. The PILOT Ratio Master is able to guarantee constant mix ratio accuracy, giving application results of a constantly high quality and producing substantial cost savings. Spray-coating of two-component material depends entirely on the proper ratio between master component and activator. The system, which is particularly simple to operate, relies for its accuracy on the basic principal that the mix ratio of the two components depends entirely on the diameters of the two suction hoses. So it will always remain constant, regardless of flow rate, as both adhesive and activator pumps are driven by a common motor. This consistent and exact dosage helps ensure better bonding power as well as optimum reaction times of activator with the adhesive.

The PILOT Ratio Master has been designed to draw material directly from original containers, whether they be 25 liter or 200 liter in capacity. Two systems versions for use with one or two spray guns are available. Flow rate of adhesive and activator through the spray gun can be finely tuned and is infinitely variable. Solvent-based adhesives must not be pumped through the system because it is not of explosion-protected design.

Coating Systems

PILOT III 3-K Spray Gun for Coating Applications

  • Gun body non-stick coated for ease of cleaning
  • All wetted parts are made of stainless specialty steel
  • Easy serviceability
  • Light-weight: a mere 600 grams

The material exits from the nozzle (component A) as well as from the air control head horn (component B), with the mixing process taking place in the spray jet. The PILOT Ratio Master could be the ideal means of efficient material transfer.

Pilot 3k

PILOT WA 500 2-K

This fully automatic spray gun is designed for the processing of two-component materials, particularly dispersion and polyurethane adhesives. The B-component - or activator - is applied via a supplementary spraying device mounted on top of the gun. In case of one-component polyurethane adhesives are processed, the B-component may must be water. The gun body is made of solid aluminum alloy, approved even for use in the food industry. All wetted parts are made of stainless specialty steel.

Pilot 2k