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Automotive Industry

Kirkco's Electronically Controlled Metering Systems used on an automated assembly line to produce transfer cases for a newly launched SUV responsible for automatically metering 800 ml of transmission fluid into each transfer case.

In this entirely automatic process, it is essential that the volume of fluid metered into each case be automatically verified before the case moves to the next station.

Through the use of an Electronically Controlled Metering Systems, metering valves, or electronic volumetric dispenser, lubricants, adhesive, sealant, or speciality resin can be desipensed exactly for applications requiring precision metering and dispensing capabilities.

Should however, an error occur in the metered volume that falls outside the acceptable tolerance, (volume amount or cycle rate), programmed into the computer, caused for instance by a ruptured hose or a line blockage, then the System would immediately inform the production line master controller which would alarm and take the appropriate actions to isolate the case.

The transmission fluid is fed to the system by an integrated Fluid Delivery and Pumping System, transfer single component Pump System and closed loop controlled Fluid Regulating Valve or material pressure regulator.

As each transfer case arrives at the filling station, a DOPAG "SNUFFER", Snuff back Dispensing Valve is automatically positioned above the filling hole, which then opens to allow the metered volume to be dispensed into the case.

The "SNUFFER" Snuff back Dispensing Valve is particularly useful in automated applications such as this, since when dispensing has been completed, it creates a vacuum in the dispensing nozzle that has the effect of making certain that fluid does not drip from the nozzle onto the outside of the case.

This single component Electronically Controlled Metering Systems has proven to be the ideal solution for filling transfer cases with transmission fluid, as well as applications of hydraulic piston and shock absorber filling appliccations.