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Automation Platforms

Since 1985 Kirkco has been serving the Automation Platforms Industry with superior customer service.

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Six Axis Robots

Six axis robot cells can be provided either as stand-alone semi-automatic machines or as part of fully automated and integrated production lines.

Used in more complex applications, such as when laying three dimensional multidirectional gaskets or where access is limited, this type of system affords the ultimate in flexibility, both in it's superior reach and in it's capacity to store many different programs with minimal changeover time.

When laying liquid gaskets, the bead profiles can be accurately controlled by utilising the unique proportionally controlled dispensing valve, which will allow the robot to slow down or speed up as required, without affecting the diameter of the bead. Conversley, the valve can be programmed to lay beads of different diameters whilst the robot is moving at a constant speed.

Two / Three Axis Robots

Two and three axis robots are a cost effective way of automatically applying sealants, greases and adhesives for moulding, bonding, potting or gasket laying applications of any size in two or three dimensional paths.

These machines can be integrated with any Kirkco single or plural component pumping or metering system to form a fully self-contained semi-automatic cell, capable of producing perfect quality products time after time.