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Automatic Hot Melt Applicators

More Details on Hot Melt Applicators

Heated Automatic Hot Melt Applicator and Hoses

Our automatic hot melt applicator heads for the processing of hot melt thermoplastic adhesives come in several varieties: Extrusion, Swirl Spray, Fiberized Dispersion, and Contact Coating.

Heated applicator heads process low to medium viscosity thermoplastic hot melts and other adhesives. The many choices allow you to apply the adhesive in many different patterns and forms.


These systems are suitable for Airless, AirCoat and compressed air spray processes. One or two additional cleaning pumps per paint system are necessary to rinse the mixing tube, material hose, gun and nozzle during pauses in operation. Two-component paints do not harden if not mixed and can therefore remain inside the pumps and suction systems. However, it must be ensured that the hardener in particular does not crystallize since this usually leads to irreparable damage to system parts that convey material.

We offer integrated pneumatic or electric actuated cylinders to provide an applicator head you will come to recognize and characterize by their high reliability, minimal need for maintenance and modular construction.

These heads consist of a heated body, a number of gluing modules or jetting elements, and a nozzle or coating die. Many standard models offer numerous combinations and possibilities to satisfy a multitude of requirements. The modular design and our years of experience means that individual custom applicator heads for specialized operations can be supplied also.

We always use and recommend a filter between the heated adhesive supply hose and applicator head. This simple and often overlooked step will improve system operation by limiting downtime due to adhesive charring and foreign material contamination. Filter cartridges are particularly useful in older system upgrades and in dusty environments.