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About Kirkco

Experience on the Product Side

Kirkco Corporation was established in 1985 as an importer and distributor of adhesive, sealant and lubricant metering, mixing, and dispensing equipment. Through the years we have grown in both knowledge and size to be able to supply not only the dispensing equipment but also complete system solutions that include design and integration. Industrial customers often call upon us to help analyze all types of metering or dispensing needs. We then deliver, install and service the most efficient systems to meet those needs. Whether your requirements are simple or complex, Kirkco Corporation would be pleased to solve your problems, improve your productivity and reduce your costs.

Reliability Combined with Precision

Kirkco Corporation’s main areas of expertise are in custom dispensing and metering solutions for applications involving adhesives, sealants, or lubricants and the associated support equipment for manual or automatic application of those products. If your application requires the processing of hot or cold, single or plural component epoxies, polyurethanes, polyesters, silicones or other types of hot or cold adhesives, Kirkco Corporation would be glad to assist you. Kirkco has a large range of products available for hot or cold, single or plural precision metering technology, covering a broad spectrum of everyday applications from potting, pumping, laminating, packaging, coating, to specialized applications that included individual development and testing of customized system solutions.

Service Combined with Reliability

Whether your need is for spare parts or on site assistance, we provide competent and immediate customer service and technical support. The same individual service provided during the development of your customized dispensing system is also available in after the sale service. An extensive inventory of spare parts and our knowledgeable staff means rapid supply and support. Kirkco is a one-stop support center for the hot melt and cold adhesive or plural component metering and mixing systems.

The choice of the best dispensing solution for hot or cold, single or plural precision metering and mixing system is not always merely a question of simply fulfilling the task at the cheapest price. Return on investment comes in many forms:

  • Reliability of the system
  • Precision of the task
  • Ability to grow and expand
  • Reliable and personal service

Reliability of both the system and personal service are sufficient reasons for using Kirkco Corporation’s customized dispensing and metering system solutions. Whether you are considering a system or component parts, we trust our web site will provide the basic information you are seeking for your application. Our customer services assistants or our experienced technical specialists are available to help determine the best equipment for your application.