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Vecdos eOne

Servo Driven High Performance Metering Unit

The Vecdos eTwin series of servo driven high-performance metering units is the ideal solution for any intermittent two component metering application.

The volumetric shot metering units are modular and flexible in combinations for different mixing ratios.

The design is optimal for difficult and abrasive materials and available for smallest shot volumes.

The smart metering control provides unmatched reliable and repeatable precision in your metering application.

Servo controlled volumetric dosing units for precise and repeatable adhesive and sealant application in automated lines.


  • Innovative solutions help to save material, increase productivity and enhance sustainability
  • Robust 1K and 2K processing equipment for reliable operation in demanding production enviroments
  • Smart metering control
  • Zero-backlash screw & servo drive
  • Compact & low weight
  • Robust design


  • Dynamic Mixer
  • Static Mixer
  • Satellite Version: For Robot Mounting
  • Hydraulic Drive: For Highest Pressure Requirements