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Kirkco Corporation offers a full line of custom adhesive and sealant fluid dispensing equipment for both single and plural component reactive polymer materials.

Our line of multi-component and two-part meter, mix and dispense equipment for epoxies, polyurethanes, silicones, acrylics, adhesive and structural bonding sealant materials are used in potting, encapsulation, coating, (RTM) resin transfer molding, doming and sealing operations.

Our positive displacement metering and mixing equipment is available with either pneumatic or hydraulic piston pumps or electric, servo or stepper driven gear pumps.

Metering pump selection is based on your application detail, materials being processed, and level of sophistication desired. Both metering systems will provide you with reliable, repeatable metering technology for a wide range of applications including; potting/encapsulating electrical circuits, molding and mold making, filter manufacturing, laminating, structural bonding, adhesive dispensing and gasket forming.

We offer meter, mix and dispense equipment in both variable ratio and fixed ratio configurations. Also available is the option of set shot dispense or continuous output versions.

Accessories include twin material dispensing valves in a variety of sizes which operate with disposable static-mixer nozzles, dynamic mixing-head valves with a variety of chamber sizes and drives, and Static Dynamic valves with disposable rotary static mixers.

Before each unit ships, Kirkco tests it to verify function and performance. Kirkco will preset the mix ratio to the adhesive manufacturers recommended settings and will preset the shot size, if available. A detailed report for your records is included in the service manual and describes in detail the above test. If desired, we will use your material for the pre-delivery testing and our customers are always welcome to attend the test for equipment training and inspection.

We offer precision equipment and dispensing solutions for practically all applications and markets: electrical, electronic, medical, aerospace, marine, white goods, leisure, automotive and transportation.

For additional information or assistance with your adhesive, sealant, or lubricant metering and dispensing applications, please contact Kirkco.