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Training & Education

Service Training Seminars

Kirkco Corporation’s service training seminar is a one-day program designed to train our customers in the use and service of the equipment and application systems we provide. It consists of a 3-4 hour session, and is tailored to facilitate the customer’s shift schedule.

We urge our customers to participate in this program and recommend that the first seminar be scheduled on-site, at the customer’s facility, within three to four weeks after initial installation.

To schedule a Service Training Seminar for your machine, we will need the following information:

  • Machine Type:
  • Machine Number:
  • Project Number:

The following is a brief outline of the items which will be covered during the seminar:

  • General Introduction and Description of Equipment and Process
  • Explanation of System Function
    • Feed Pumps
    • Metering Unit
    • Dispensing Valves
  • Controller Operation
    • Technical Data
    • Parameterization
    • Security / Password Protection
    • Service Information
    • Input / Output Capabilities
  • Supply Pump
    • Description
    • Control Panel
    • Loading / Un-Loading of Material
  • Start-up
    • Set-up of System
    • Venting Machine
    • Setting Pressures
  • Maintenance
    • Schedule
    • Inspections
    • Replacement Parts
    • Rebuild / Repair Facility
  • Question and Answer Period

Please call 704.289.7090 if you have any questions about this program...