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Single Component

More Details About Single Component Systems

Kirkco’s single component metering systems for hot or cold adhesives or lubrications are individually developed and built for every customer's specific need. You deliver the parameters and we supply the customized solution to meet your needs. The standard for the development of these systems is not just your current requirements. It is also important to solve future systems with equal success.

A number of different designs of transfer and circulation pumping systems, metering and dispensing valves and accessories are available from Kirkco Corporation’s product range for metering, dispensing, and controlling one component materials such as silicones, greases, oils or adhesives.

A one component metering system with material delivery and an application specific dispensing or metering unit can be used for:

  • Emptying And Filling
  • Applying A Measured Shot Volume Of Fluid
  • Applying Consistent Width And Placement Of Beads
  • Coating Or Applying Coverage Over A Wide Area
  • Metering Adhesive Precisely And Consistently

These systems are characterized by a number of benefits:

  • Reliability
  • User-friendly
  • Precision Accuracy
  • High Quality Construction
  • Modular Design for Expandability and Growth

A one component metering system consists of the following components:

  • Transfer Pump
  • Material Filter
  • Material Pressure Regulator Valve
  • Flow Regulating Valve
  • Volume Counter
  • Dispensing and/or Metering Valve
  • Process Control Computer