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Rebuild & Repair

Repair Service (In Our Facility)

A one-hour evaluation charge is assessed for all standard component items received for repair. If the item is repairable, the evaluation charge is credited toward the repair. A two-hour evaluation charge is assessed for all systems received for repair.

Items determined repairable are invoiced on a time and material basis. We will provide estimates to the customer as appropriate and require customer authorization to proceed before we begin the actual work. Written service report provided on completion of system repairs to be returned with shipment and invoice.

Rebuild Repair Program:

  • Complete technical inspection of equipment's overall condition
  • All parts are disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and inspected for conformance to specifications
  • Detailed equipment cleaning including a complete flushing of the adhesive tank, hopper, pump, or pressure vessel
  • All Soft Components are replaced: seals, gaskets, o-rings, v-packings. Sensors, heaters, and hoses replaced on evaluation
  • Hard Components not meeting current standards or tolerances are replaced
  • Qualified technicians assemble the parts and diagnostically test to ensure conformance to current specifications
  • Only Genuine Factory Parts Used
  • Equipment is factory upgraded with the latest design improvements when requested
  • Rebuild time and price are provided before work begins