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LSR 20 ELA / LSR 200 ELA

Metering & Mixing Plant for Liquid Silicone Rubber Applications

Two RAM unit work independent, closed loop controlled.
Economic and compact meter mix Plant for LSR processing.
Dosing piston pumps servo motor driven.
LSR ELA PLC operator control panel

  • all relevant information at a glance (pressure, fill level)
  • balance time of production
  • protection foil easy to change in case of dirt
  • intuitive operating of the touch-display


  • electrical driven
  • high precision
  • simultaneous drum emptying
  • compact design
  • energy saving
  • feeding system 20 l or 200 l


Metering Control System: Flow and ratio control
Drum Lifter: Easy 200 Liter Drum Change
LSR 200 ELA Tandem: Continuous output for non stop production
Conversion Kit 20L: Allow processing from smaller containers