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Hot Melt Adhesive Technology

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Kirkco's Hot Melt Adhesives Solutions

From the newest low-temperature, high speed adhesives to high performance adhesives such as reactive polyurethanes, polyamides and polyisobutylenes, Kirkco hot melt fluid handling solutions will have your production equipment producing a high quality end-product at remarkable speeds. This is accomplished by using a wide range of equipment from PAM’s Hot melt glue guns stick and cartridge applications of hot melt adhesives to bulk dispensing of hot melt adhesives including drum unloaders for thermoplastic hot melts, reactive polyurethane (PUR) and other adhesives.

Regardless of chemistry, hot melt adhesives start out as solvent free, solid materials at ambient temperatures and are made flow-able by the addition of heat. Hot melt adhesive is the ideal solution for coating, laminating, product assembly and a host of other applications that are high-production oriented and require adhesive for bonding and sealing. We use roll coating and lamination hot melt application systems from the packaging industry to the automotive industry.

From the smallest tank unit to the most elaborate bulk hot melt adhesive dispensing and pumping system, Kirkco’s hot melt equipment solutions transfer viscous, warm melt and hot melt materials to one or more dispensing locations via our gear pumps and piston pumps for tank dispensing of hot melt adhesives. We have set the industry standard with our drum unloaders with pneumatic or hydraulic rams and high capacity melt grids. We can deliver higher flow rates and longer continuous pumping cycles. We can even switch from standard to reactive hot melt PUR materials without equipment conversions with our bulk drum unloader.