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Electronically Controlled Metering Systems

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Custom Engineered Products and Services

Precise, reliable control of fluid flow, dispensing and metering in industrial applications can result in significant material savings and a superior end product.

Kirkco is unmatched as a provider of custom engineering solutions for your metering, mixing and dispensing needs. From creating a unique metering and mixing system for multiple components to providing a multiple-pulse high resolution single component metering and dispensing system with built-in flow control, Kirkco is ready to provide a solution for your specific need.

Kirkco’s basic controllers provide an out-of-the-box flow control solution that allows you to control and monitor 2 lines without the need for a PLC or other complicated system integration. Our advanced multi channel flow computer is capable of processing up to 12 channels simultaneously. Each channel can be configured as a flow monitor, ratio monitor, batch controller, or closed loop controller.

Positive Displacement Flow Meters

Our positive displacement flow meter are an excellent choice for the monitoring and measuring of oil, grease, solvents, polyurethanes, epoxies, adhesives, lubricants and other non-abrasive liquids. Regardless of changing flows or viscosity conditions, you will receive consistent accuracy and dependable measurements.

Solid construction in a variety of materials means we have a positive displacement flow meter for practically every liquid measuring application. Flow meters available constructed of high strength aluminum or stainless steel, with bearings and guide shafts in stainless steel or optional tungsten carbide. Aggressive materials and high-pressures not an issue. The detail used in construction provides long operating life with minimal maintenance.

With a variety of non-intrusive sensors and electronic packages available we can custom configure your application solution to provide a square wave frequency or quadrature output for high resolution accuracy, to pulse or voltage analog outputs.

Flow Computer

The EMO-3000/PID comes in a wall-mountable NEMA-12 industrial enclosure that features a microprocessor based controller, flow control knobs, air pressure control via I/P converters,  and a software package that allows you to control every parameter in the PID loop. The system is able to update the closed-loop control as often as 5 times per second. The system receives a signal from each flow meter and, with its self-contained I/P converter, controls the fluid regulator to precisely and accurately deliver grease, adhesives, paint, lubricant or other fluids.  Precise and reliable fluid control for up to 4 lines without a PLC interface.

Ratio Monitors:

The EMO-500/E is designed to provide continuous monitoring of plural component proportioning equipment. When off ratio conditions are detected, the unit provides visual and audible alarms with an option to terminate pump operation in extreme cases. The monitor will also maintain an accurate record of material usage on a per job or per shift basis, and may be networked to a PC for long term reporting and record keeping.

The control unit is linked to a pair of flow meters, which precisely meter the accuracy of the proportioning equipment, and will trigger an alarm during a fault event. The unit is mounted into a pre-wired industrial enclosure complete with push button controls, alarm lamps, and signal horn. Serial communication and intrinsic safety barriers are optional extras.

I/P Converter

The DSV-100 I/P Converter is a compact high performance digital servo pressure control valve. Accepting either current, voltage or touch key input, the I/P Converter precisely regulates air pressure for directing process control valves and air or fluid regulators. The microprocessor-based converter delivers high accuracy pressure regulation with extremely low dynamic response times for improved process control and high product quality. A highly visible integral LED display eliminates the need for any additional display components, providing a display of actual pressure, set point pressure or the actual pressure deviation from set point.

Additional diagnostic test modes measure the system response time or checks for line leaks providing actual real-time data, invaluable in commissioning, monitoring, or troubleshooting an installation. User set-up of output pressure range and input voltage or current-span is accomplished quickly and easily via the two touch keys and display. The lightweight design and compact DIN rail mount package maximizes panel component density while the push-in type pneumatic hose connectors and 5 pin style electrical connection with molded cable assemblies minimize installation time and cost.

Mass Coriolis Flow Meters

Mass Coriolis flow meters have virtually universal applications, from industrial paints, adhesives, lubricants, to sanitary beverages and from non-Newtonian fluids to particle-filled materials. In addition to mass flow and density, the mass Coriolis flow meters can provide measurements of temperature and volumetric flow.

Mass coriolis flow meters are superior process control tools that allow real-time measurement of density and flow in liquids, slurries and gases. The integration of a mass Coriolis flow meter into any line will provide excellent accuracy and control of your metering, mixing, or dispensing application.

Mass Coriolis flow meters features no moving parts and smooth flow tubes constructed of 316 stainless steel, resulting in a design that is easy to clean and maintain. As material flows through the mass Coriolis flow meter, the flow tube is vibrated and the resulting Coriolis forces are measured to determine mass flow rate and density.

We offer Mass Coriolis flow meters which cover flow ranges from 0.02 GPM to over 13 GPM (83 grams per minute to 50,000 grams per minute) and handle pressures up to 5600 PSI.

A wide variety of process connections are available, including sanitary clamp ends, flange ends and threaded ends.