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Conti-Flow Versa

Versatile & Flexible For Demanding Adhesive Meter Mixing Applications

Mobile and compact meter mix system for liquid to high-viscous 2-component materials.

This metering platform was developed to pump, proportion, mix, and dispense various two component sealants and adhesives. Typical materials this product is used for include: polysulfide, epoxy, silicone, and polyurethane materials for auto, truck/bus, window, and aircraft industries.

Pumps move the fluid components from their respective containers on ratio eliminating an intermediate, variable or fixed ratio, proportioner.

The Conti Flow Versa series proportioner synchronizes the volume of the two components through two precisely sized positive displacement gear pumps. Pumps are coated with protective material to prevent ware due to fillers. The fluids are delivered through hoses to a mixer assembly.

Selecting from standard pump availability determines the ratio range of the machine. A programmable electronic control allows for an adjustable variable ratio within a given range. With the optional ratio monitoring package, the computer will self-adjust automatically.


  • Robust 1K and 2K processing equipment for reliable operation in demanding production enviroments
  • Smart metering control
  • Proven Precision
  • Comprehensive Process Control Possibilities
  • Mold-Pressure-Control (MPC) Option
  • Integration Into Manual or Automation System
  • Configurable with many useful options
  • Versatile & flexible for demanding workspaces
  • High metering accuracy due to short distance from metering to dispensing
  • Highly comfortable operation with flexible boom and balancer support
  • Different options & features are configurable to meet requirements

The Gear Pump Two-component meter mix machines are designed for the efficient application of pasty / liquid synthetic reactive resin materials such as adhesives, polyurethanes, epoxies and silicones and is ideal for use in medium to large production runs.

Machine is used for bonding and sealing applications involving highly reactive materials in IG, molding, potting and encapsulation, foam filling of hollow spaces as well as for glazing.