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Conti-Flow Robot

Robot Mounted Two Component Adhesive Metering Systems

Conti Flow Robot is the modular and flexible concept for an individualized automated system solution.

The meter mix components can be integrated in many different machine or system concepts. Whether it is one of our standard application cells like the eZbotic™, XYZ-tables or a fully automated turn-key assembly cell, the Conti Flow Robot is always a perfectly integrated meter mix solution.

  • Servo driven precision gear pumps
  • PLC Control
  • Intuitive operator panel for easy programming
  • Inlet / Outle pressure control
  • Smart pressure / volumetric control
  • Alerts in clear text
  • Pot life control
conti flow robot


  • Robust 1K and 2K processing equipment for reliable operation in demanding production enviroments
  • Smart metering control
  • Proven Precision
  • Comprehensive Process Control Possibilities
  • Mold-Pressure-Control (MPC) Option
  • Integration Into Manual or Automation System
  • Configurable with many useful options