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Automotive and Industrial Grease Metering Applications


Manufacturing has changed dramatically over the course of a century, still fostering constant learning and reengineering of processes and adapting parts is still visible in all companies.

The importance of the local automotive and industrial manufacturing industry can be considered one of high value to every economy, by the depth and number of suppliers and sub-suppliers involved in the construction and assembly of every new production model. On a large number of manufactured products, such as mechanical components, mechatronic components or electronic components, lubrication is needed and used to ensure the required quality and performance levels.

Kirkco has been supplying equipment for feeding, measuring, metering, mixing and dispensing grease, oil and a multitude of other materials for high complex solutions requiring precision metering. As a response to the manufacturing needs for precision grease metering and dispensing, Kirkco’s complete product line is designed specifically to benefit the automotive and industrial manufactures. We consider ourselves to be experts with the best solution for our customers’ requests in the field of feeding material, regulation of material pressure, metering and dispensing of any lubricant on its final application point.


Grease and Oil Applications in Automotive Manufacturing

Grease and Oil Automotive Metering