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Corona & Tribo Powder Coating Guns

Wagner Power Coating

Depending on the application, Tribo or Corona powder sprayguns are used for industrial powder coating. The powder particles are charged inside the gun and then applied evenly to the object to be coated.

Different shapes and objects like wire goods, gratings or aluminum cross sections require different powder clouds for high quality coating. This is why powder sprayguns must be able to be equipped with a great variety of nozzle systems, such as deflector cones and fan spray nozzles.

Corona powder coating guns

The producing of high voltage in the corona process is done with the aid of a high voltage cascade, which is integrated in the gun body. The voltage level is regulated in the control module and is matched to the geometry of the work piece, or to the powder coating system in use.

The charged particles ”move“ along the field lines to the grounded work piece. The advantages of the corona process are lower wear of the gun, low air consumption, as well as the universal application. Many powder coatings (effect powder coatings) are not suitable for the tribo process.

Tribo powder coating guns

The Tribo process is based on frictional charging. In this case, the fluidized powder/air mixture in a PTFE powder tube is charged by means of friction against the inside tube wall. Due to its excellent electrical insulation properties (negative), PTFE is well-suited to charging the particles and its good anti-frictional properties prevent build-up on the walls.

The advantages of the tribo process are the good penetration depth and better film thickness distribution. In comparison to the corona process, the powder can easily penetrate into depressions (e.g. mailboxes and rims). The coated surface is smoother with no “orange peel” effect.


  • Increased transfer rates (application efficiency) in combination with an optimized electrostatic for higher profitability.
  • Process optimized FlexNozzle flat jet atomizing system for the widest variety of coating demands in practical applications.
  • Homogenized and soft powder cloud for more uniform film thicknesses and optimized deposition of powder on the work-piece. Advantageous for applications that require long hose lengths.
  • High quality application with metallic and special effects powder inclucing UDS powder paints.
  • Infinite jet spray control for a perfect adjustment to all surface contours.
  • Newly developed round jet nozzle system with oval and soft powder cloud.