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IMC Coatec Metering Systems IN-MOLD COATING


Coating Process meter mix equipment for in-mold coating of Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) utilized in automotive, commercial, recreational vehicle and FRP manufacturing.

IM Coatec (In Mold Coating Metering System) is used to provide a paintable, defect free, surface to molded parts made of fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP), or sheet molding compounds (SMC). Paintable surface upon exit of mold.

“Class A” performance for In Mold Coating with IMCoatec Metering System. This dedicated system designed to give you a "Class A" finish with a minimum of expense, maintenance and hassle.

Liquid, heat activated conductive in-mold coating is designed to enhance the surface of reinforced plastics, automotive, FRP truck body panels, or any molded part. In-Mold Coatings provide a smooth, protected, sealed surface that meets or exceeds most OEM coating specifications. They can be readily painted with standard automotive finishes using conventional or electrostatic equipment.

IMC Coatec Metering


  • Material pressure vessel 24 l, cooled
  • Cooling circuit with cooling appliance
  • Lubrication circuit
  • Circulation pump
  • Pressure monitoring
  • Hydraulic volume metering unit (5 levels pressure control)
  • Hydraulic pressure control valve
  • 10 m hose package with feed and return for: material, lubricant, coolant, hydraulic oil to control injection port
  • Cooled injection valve
  • Hydraulic aggregate with cooling appliance and pressure accumulator
  • Vacuum unit
  • Electronic control Vipa 315 usable by IPC
  • Interface 4 potential-free contacts

In Mold Coating on SMC in Automotive and Commercial Vechical Manufacturing

  • Fills the air spaces in the SMC (pore blocking)
  • Covers surface defects of the SMC surface
  • Covers the fiber of SMC
  • IMC creates a smooth surface to enable a class A surface